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A Banner and an Apron…What do they have in common?


Typically, nothing.  Today, the common denominator is me, she who always turns a small project into a HUGE one.  My Bean (the 6 year old) hosted a lemonade sale a couple weeks ago for Big Brother Big Sister of Cincinnati.  I entered her in Sunkist’s Take a Standcontest on Facebook, and of course, she won.  Little did I know that winning meant having another, media publicized, stand. 

Here is a picture of her first stand:

Sunkists Take a Stand Lemonade Stand

 We threw this stand together the night before as requested by the neighbors while our house was being filmed for DIY’s Desperate Landscapes.  It rained that day and the writing on the signs got all runny.  So the new sale is this Saturday and will be taped for news and local papers.  I can’t have runny signs and a ghetto looking stand.  Google and I did some browsing and came up with an idea.

Here is the first project of the night:

image thanks to

I am going to applique “LEMONADE” across the banner; one letter on each pennant (DUH!).  Okay, so this project will be sort of large in itself.  I’m trying to convince myself that we will reuse it so it’s worth the time.

The second project is Bean’s apparel for the day.  She just can’t be dressed in any old outfit can she?  Keep in mind that I am “that” craft obsessed mom who just stayed up late the night before “purple day” to make an argyle applique shirt to match a pair of purple shorts.  So, yes, she needs something special.  Since I LOVE applique, I’m going to whip her up something.  I am also going to whip her up a cute little apron to wear with a fabric flower head band.

Here is my inspiration:

image thanks to

Hopefully, I will make a big dent tonight in the projects.  I saw a great lemon fabric that would be just perfect.  I’ve got to give a special shout to GOOGLE.  You Da Man!

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