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Whimsy Jar Swap and Stepping Away from my Needles (for a minute)…


I somehow stumbled onto this awesome website:  Swap-Bot.  It is this amazing site where you swap everything crafty.  Now when I say swap, it typically means by snail mail.  How cool is that; who doesn’t like getting mail?  I have to admit that Google is my best friend because I didn’t know know much of what they were talking about if it did not pertain to sewing , beading, and some other common sense things. 

HOW DOES IT WORK YOU ASK?  Well, if you are signed up, you can peruse swaps and join if you meet the requirements.  I’m a newbie so I can only do 5 at a time, I think.  And, I’m a loser with no rating (yet) so I don’t really qualify for many.  Understandably, the rating system lets other swappers know that you will follow through and not “flake.” (look at me already down with the SW lingo)  Once you pick your swap…then the creative juices start flowing.  Before the deadline, you get your package shipped.  Then, you get to excitedly wait your surprise in the mail.

WHAT SWAPS AM I DOING FIRST?  Great question.  Boy, we are on the same page.  I did a New Facebook Friend swap.  Do I need to explain that one?  I am doing a Blog swap.  Again, pretty self explanitory…I get to find some new blogs to follow and others get to read my wonderful one.

 The other two swaps I’m doing right now are whimsy jars.  I’ve seen some of their creations, and I have to say…I’m in love.  They are amazing!  Depending on the theme, you fill it will all sorts of goodies (whimsical treasures) that will please your partner.  One of my jars is Halloween themed so that will be fun.  So, I’ll keep you posted on my craftiness.  Below are some awesome whimsy jar images I’ve found and am using for inspiration:

Gorgeous black and white floral inspriation
photo thanks to

Other must have knowledge:  ATC, matchboxes, dotee dolls…


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