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This Makes Me Love Lemons

I worked for an hour or so and got this apron done for Bean’s lemonade stand tomorrow morning.  I hate to brag, but is it not the cutest.  I think she will be the most fashionable lemonade vendor this side of the Ohio River.  Now, I did a few boo boos, like the one below on the right.  Of course, you can only see if you look up close and know it’s there.  The original pattern I used did not have the ruffle meeting the belt, but my ruffles did not meet at exactly the right spot.  Oops.  I always end up tweeking patterns to work a bit better for me or sometimes because the technique they want me to do just isn’t going to happen.  Give me some credit though.  It was my first ruffle.  I have a ruffler foot but that thing is the weirdest looking piece of machinery and I don’t quite feel comfortable using it yet.
Is this some sort of torture device?
 Skip To My Lou offered a great alternative to the foot for the ruffles.  My only word of advice, not like I’m an expert really qualified to give advice, it to really keep the fabric pulled when sewing the fabric sandwich with the ruffle on the inside.  If not, it really does crazy things.  How’d I do?  I will post some pictures of it in action.

The most adorable apron, spanks to me.

Special thanks to Skip To My Lou for the wonderful pattern and tutorial.

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