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It Must Have Been the Banner!


The lemonade stand was a success!  Bean raised $329 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati in 4 hours.  We didn’t have a set price for the lemonade or cookies.  Course, Bean kept getting it wrong.  She would say, “Free lemonade and cookies for donation.  Money goes to Big Sisters and Big Brothers.”  But, it was close enough for us and the generous customers of the Woodlawn Kroger.  It was fun, yet exhausting.  Cookies, brownies, and lemonade kept us all going.  Bean looked lovely in her apron:

Bean and her Great Gram
Bean and her Great Gram

 Of course, maybe it was the lovely banner that mummy stayed up ’til 3 am sewing that drew in the customers.  Who cares how we did it!  We raised a total of $778 in 3 lemonade stands and an additional $500 matched by Sunkist for winning the “Take a Stand” contest on Facebook

Design Dazzle offered a great alternative to just your standard banner. I can’t just do standard.  I like to go above, beyond, and create way to much extra work for myself.   Most ideas I found on the internet for a pennant banner were for birthday parties, so I just mixed it up a bit (what I do best).  Notice how Bean and the banner coordinate.  You probably didn’t notice.  Hubby says I’ve got OCD about things like that.  It’s the little details that matter most, right?  RIGHT?

Was the banner too much?
Was the banner too much?

Special thanks to Design Dazzle for the wonderful tutorial.

Pennant Banner Tutorial


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  1. 09/07/2009 9:01 am

    She did a fabulous job making that much money for a great cause. The banner was perfect. I am now a follower of both your blogs. swapbot – stampkrl

  2. 09/07/2009 10:34 am

    That is one good banner! And well done on your fundraising.

    Just to let you know I also subscribed via the Swap Bot Blog Swap.

    Carmen (King Carmen)

    • Tickled Pink Twice permalink*
      09/07/2009 1:05 pm

      King Carmen…
      I love all your crafting on your blog. Guess I need to follow that one too. I couldn’t decide what to comment on. I love the new doll & the pocket. I’m obsessed with felt but jealous of your skill. That owl is a must have!

  3. Tickled Pink Twice permalink*
    09/07/2009 10:41 am

    Thanks Stampkrl. I love your blog. I have this huge new interest in quilting since it does require sewing so I definately need to keep up with your blog. I might have some newbie quilter questions for you.

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