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It’s Flower Friday!


In lieu of my new obsession with all things floral, Fridays are now dedicated to flowers.  YEAH.   Me and my buddy, Google, are always scowering the internet.  I ran across this tutorial a while back to make organza flowers.  For the life of me, I could not remember who wrote it.  I did, however, run into another site doing the same concept.  Yeah me.  I knew it paid to randomly search the internet aimlessly as Baby Bird slept.  So, here we go on my first tutorial:

Organza Flowers:

1.  First you need to cut out 3-4 flower shapes out of an organza.   They don’t have to be perfect.  I think the difference between each flower adds to the dimension of the final flower.  My flowers vary between 3-4 inches across.  The size difference helps in the stacking of step 3.

2.  This step is the tricky, yet fun part.  Light a candle.  Take one of your flowers and run the edges near the flame.  The flame will curl up the edges.  I actually noticed the often the heat melted the organza and there was no need to put it in the flame.  This is more of an art than a science.  I did a trial run on a scrap piece before I started with my flower.  If you put the fabric in the flame too long, it will blacken the edges.  Do this step around the edges of all the flowers. 

3.  Take your curled flowers and stack them.  It is a trial and error to get that perfect bloom.  You might need to turn one this way and switch the order up a bit.

4.  Now, take a few beads, pearls, or a button that you would like to be the center of the flower.  I basically just did a few small stitches to secure the petals so they don’t move around while I did the final beading.  You can use in invisible thread, though I just used white because my beads were white.

5.  So what would you like to use the flower on.  This flower, I discreetly sewed a safety pin on the back so I could wear it on a shirt or purse.  You can also use your handy-dandy hot glue gun and affix it to a head band or hair clip.


Try using some different types of fabric (satin, tulle, lace) or color of fabric and layer your flower for more dimension

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