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My Semi-Sweet Booties…Sort of Ducky!


Well, I have started to tackled the book I picked up at JoAnn’s:  Sweet Booties by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.  Before picking up this book, I’ve been looking everywhere online for a simple boot pattern.  I wanted something cute for Baby Bird to wear on her chubby feet this winter and spring.  When I started flipping through Sweet Booties, I came across a pattern called Just Ducky.  I have to say the book said it right that the “inspiration for this project is all in the fabric.” 

Let’s be honest, just looking at the books photo of the booties, they look pretty ugly.  I think it’s something with the yellow and orange.  But, I knew just what I wanted to use:  chocolate brown fleece with a pink w/ white polka dot liner and strap.

From the start, I knew I wanted to slighty modify the pattern.  I am not usually much for velcro.  The concept is awesome but when it comes to laundry, they are a bear.  So I planned on making a button hole on the strap at the end.  I did not have any issues with the pattern up to the part when it came to pining the soles to the outer & liner.  For some odd reason, I could not get them to match up.  Again, no expert here, but it was like the sole was like 2 sizes to big for the outer.  Here comes where I am a fearless sewer:  I just sort of pulled until I got as much of the sole possibly evenly pinned to the outer.  There was quite a bit of excess.  After sewing it on, I just trimmed it off.  Downfall is that the bottom of the boot was more of a rounded look as opposed to a sort of oval.  It reminded me of a boot Bean has for a Build-A-Bear.

As you can tell by the photos above, specifically the top two, it sort of leans back.  But, once they are on my little one’s feet, they looked so cute.  I’ve since put on the button so she doesn’t keep kicking them off.  Before I attempt another color, I am in desperate need of advice on the soles.

I did make one more modification to the pattern on step 6 for those who have the book.  I left my opening to turn at the back/top of the boot as opposed to where they want you to (in the front) because I really wanted to continue my stitches on the front “V” part of the boot.  I thought it would keep it a bit more together then a hand stitch there.  It turned out just fine with that change.

Pretty decent pattern if you don’t mind working with small things, which is new to me.  I’m going to try a big project before I tackle another pair of shoes, though they have another pair I’ve got my eyes on.

Next up…it’s a toss up between Beautiful Bloomers (on the cover) and Oh, Kimono.  Though, I am working on the needed Yo Yo’s for the Yo-Yo Mobile.

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