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Re-Fashion the Old Fashion


I absolutely hate putting away a favorite piece of clothes, especially when they don’t fit myself or my little ones.  Oh, what to do?

I’ve ran across quite a few blogs with these amazing women who refashion clothes.  Sounds like a great concept, but I really wanted something small to start with.  Cut Out & Keep is a great site I stumbled upon that is pretty much just tutorials on how to make many crafty things.  I found something I can refashion that leaves room for error!  Right up my alley.  Here we go on my 2nd, yes, 2nd tutorial…and this one uses the sewing machine.  My new sewing machine. (Baby Bird has been super fussy these last 2 days thanks to rice cereal so I’ve had no time to myself)

T-Shirt Shrug Tutorial:

  • you need an old t-shirt, sewing machine, ribbon, safety pin, straight pins, and 15 minutes of time to yourself, even if it’s after midnight.
  1. Lay your t-shirt flat, face up.  Draw a line down the middle of the front of the shirt or just eye ball it.  I pretty much eye-balled it because this does not require precise lines.
  2. Cut up the front of the shirt and around the collar (see top photo below; follow pink dash line)
  3. Make your casing by hemming under about 1 inch up the front and around the neck (see top photo below; follow purple dotted line).  The trickiest part would be where the front cut meets the neck because of the corner.  I just sort of did a few folds to make it rounded.  Again…perfection not needed.
  4. Sew your casing (see middle photo below)
  5. Attach the safety pin to the end of your ribbon and feed it through the casing.  ( I think I added another 10 minutes searching the house for a safety pin.  My DH moved my notions box and is now sleeping.)
  6. Put on and adjust gathers.  Tie a bow if you wish.  You are done.  It’s seriously that easy.

I was amazed how quick this sewed up.  There should be a rule that most sewing projects should be this quick.  That way you don’t get discouraged and not go back to your machine for a few days.  Of course, we all love challenges so we keep coming back.  Here is me modeling my semi-finished product:

At this point, my DH got up to see if I was coming to bed.  I made him take a picture of me so pardon the bad photo and the Swiffer to my right.  And WOW…my boobs look huge here.  I think it’s partially the shrug and well, they are much bigger thanks to breastfeeding. 

I can’t leave well enough alone, so ended up adjusting my gathers and sewing the ribbon at the end of my casings (casing closed) so they don’t move.  I’m adding a button on one side and an elastic loop on the other.   Personally, I’m not one for ribbon bows usually. 

So, instead of cleaning house tomorrow if Baby Bird behaves, I’m going to refashion a few of Bean’s long and short sleeve shirts and maybe another of mine.  What a fun first project for my new machine!  PS…it doesn’t have a burning smell when I sew fast; Yeah Vikings (The machine, not the football team)!

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  1. 09/22/2009 12:16 am

    This is SOOOO cute!!!! I want to try this now, thank you!

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