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Sundays Are For Sewing


It’s now 11:30 pm and I am finally getting blog about some sewing.  My hubby and father-in-law were installing our back door and had power off for 1.5 days.  I’ve been stuck in the house with a teething baby and I’ve been dying for some QUIET me time.  I finally got it with a little kicking and screaming.  She’s actually still screaming as we speak.  I just got finished whipping up some burp cloths to get ready for an upcoming craft show.  I thought it was a great opportunity to do another tutorial.

Cloth Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial:

  • you need your choice of fabric (or 2 coordinating), cloth diaper(s), thread, iron, sewing machine
  1. Get all the needed items together.  The key is to wash the diapers a few times.  They really shrink from the original size when them come out of the package.  Then, take a hot iron and iron out the diapers because they are full of wrinkles.  I always wash my fabrics too because they shrink some as well.  Measure the middle of the diaper.  They tend to vary slightly.  Use these measurements to cut your fabric.  I’m keeping the top two fabrics for some cloths for Baby Bird.
  2. Iron the fabric piece to the necessary sizes from step one.  I do iron my corners under at an angle because it looks much cleaner (see step 5 photo).  Adore my ring.  I have an awesome hubby.  Ignore the dirty nails.  I’ve been mulching.
  3. Pin them to the cloth diaper.  I does move a bit so you just make the adjustments.  It’s nice because you are able to sort of stretch the diaper to make the edges look nice.  Feel free to embellish further with ribbons or maybe an embroidered (done before pinning to diaper) design, name or initial.
  4. Sew the fabric to the diaper as close the edge of the fabric as you feel comfortable.  Some people like to use decorative stitches but I’m more of a “keep it simple” lady.
  5. This just shows the corners ironed on an angle.
  6. Finished project.  A quickie.  Those are nice 🙂  I always go back over the diaper with a hot iron for the finished polished look because typically I sell these or give them as gifts.  Love them to look nice if you are anal retentive like I am.  Second time sewing with my new machine.  It’s like riding in a luxury car after driving a beater.

These are always great shower gifts because you can never have too many burp rags lying around.  I swear I use more with this baby because I’m a fan of breastfeeding in bed (side lying position) and it saves the sheets.  I also make another style of burp cloth but some people still love to use the cloth diapers.  This makes them cuter.   Anywho, quick and easy.  You got to love those type of projects.  They work well for us moms that are on a time crunch. 

I make so many baby items so be prepared for more of those type of tutorials. 



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