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I Love Me Some Baby Legs


Litterally. I can’t get enough of those cubby legs. My daughter is blessed with them. The problem with those chuncky thighs is they don’t seem to want to fit in standard Baby Legs.  To be honest, you can’t really convince me to pay $12 for them either.  You can call me cheap but I prefer the term frugal.  It might be the crafter in me too that says…Uh, I can make those. 

So what do I do? Pull up my friend, GOOGLE, and get to searching.  I found a great tutorial on Flickr, making these leg warmers out of adult knee high socks.  Here is my final product:

Of course, you can’t have a shot of my final product without a shot of them in action on this lovely model, Baby Bird.

Apparently, she thinks she is a pin up girl or something.  Well, you can’t make one thing for one girl without making it for another.  So the same adult knee highs make wonderful leg warmers for even a leggy 6 year old.  Perfect for ballet.

Special thanks to Baby Hopes for the wonderful tutorial.
Child’s Leg Warmer Tutorial


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  1. chimpsgomoo permalink
    10/04/2009 1:20 am

    Oh. my. gosh! Those are adorable! Oh yes, the baby legs too 😉 Seriously, this looks like something I want to do. I have the exact opposite problem, my daughter has had skinny legs and leggings never fit her. I think she will love some leg warmers! Thanks!

  2. Tickled Pink Twice permalink*
    10/04/2009 3:33 pm

    These leggings are always pretty long, you can modify the top, like the ankle cuff, so you can take in some of the width. Even with that modification, they will be plenty long that you can get a lot of use out of them. At Target, you can purchase 2 packs of knee highs that are coordinating, like one black pair and one purple argyle. What about switching the top and bottom cuffs of both so you get a black pair with purple argyle cuffs and a purple argyle pair with black cuffs. Just a thought. A good one I might add…I think I might do this 🙂

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