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It’s Flower Friday!


All week I go looking for some new sort of flower thing to try.  I ran across a neat flower on Martha Stewart’s website that interested me.  As my luck would have it, I can’t seem to find a 36 inch zipper for the life of me.  But, in case you folks might have one lying around, I had to share this tutorial.  Sorry I couldn’t do it and let you know my thoughts.  I will find a long zipper or try to make it work for a shorter one soon.  Consider this on my “To-Do” list as well.

Zipper Flower Tutorial

This project does have endless possibilites other than just your standard flower pin.  I’d like to figure how to make it a bit smaller because I like putting my daughter in flower headbands.  Of course, making this pin means you can put in on cardigans, purses, and more.  So of course, Martha does have another great project.

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  1. karen griffiths permalink
    01/06/2010 6:42 pm

    I have not been able to find the tutorial on Martha’s site, for these zipper flowers, thanks for the cute picture of yours, but as a long time crafter, I might just mention that yours look more like a bow for a present rather than a flower. If you don’t mind me telling you, try to make your petals a little less folded and more tucked in at the base. This make make them more realistic. On Martha’s show they suggested putting them on barrets and making a corsage too. Good thing! Don’ t you think?
    Sincerely K

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