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It’s Flower Friday!


First of all…I want to say “Hello” and “Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.”  Life had thrown the family a few bumps in the road over the last two months but I think we have hit the peak of the hill.  We are on the way down and enjoying the ride.  I’ve missed blogging and crafting like you would not believe!  Any Who!

We’ve been remodeling our home for the last year and a half but are finally getting to the point that all the rooms (minus the kitchen) are complete.  I’ve put off decorating the walls since our contractors (aka the hubby and the father-in-law) aren’t the most careful of folk.  Since they aren’t trampsing around the house as much, I’ve gotten to work on the decor.  I’m not really into huge floral stuff unless it is simple and sophisticated.  Over the holidays, I ran into a great tuturial that might make a librarian crindge.  It got me excited and thinking where I was going to put it.

WARNING:  not 100% a flower but wreaths are typically floral so it counts for me

I have to say that I’m pretty jealous of those textured walls too!  My walls are a hair darker but I’ve got the perfect wall picked out for it.  Consider this added to my “To Do List.”  Here’s hoping I will get to mark some of those off here soon.

Special thanks to Living With Lindsay for the wonderful tutorial.

Book Page Wreath Tutorial


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