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Mod Podge…a better tool than MacGyver’s duct tape!


I’ve read a many crafting blogs that preach the joys of Mod Podge but I never tried my hand with it.  Call is fear of the unknown.  A month or so ago, there was a bottle by the register of Hobby Lobby just calling my name.  I obliged and made the purchase.  I’ve been Mod Podging everything in sight ever since.

My first projects started in the office.  We finally got the pocket doors in, paint done, and new furniture purchased.  Our shared office was more of a crafting area for me and it seems like a crafter always has more teeny tiny things than anything.  Since our office furniture was more of an open concept, I needed storage that was functional yet looked nice.  So far, I’ve been working with recycled materials I’ve saved for the perfect craft:  Pringle cans, applesauce jars, baby formula powder cans (that I admit I just threw the powder out since they came in the mail from Enfamil and I breastfeed), and spaghetti sauce jars.  I also found use for 2 Hannah Montana shoe boxes of Bean.  I’m far from done with the office but it’s a start.

So if you have an addiction to Mod Podge like I do, you surely can’t just stop there.  From the office, I have headed into the living room.  I was looking for something to put on our ottoman because it was looking a bit boring.  It needed to have some color because I changed out my red drapes because they were making the room a bit dark.  I liked the idea of a tray but that was a little bland as well.  So…add a bit of Mod Podge and some fabric.  Tah Dah.  Instant color and style.  I went a step further by color blocking a coordinating pillow on the love seat.

I might whip up a Mod Podge for Dummies tutorial this weekend because I am using it to make some gifts for Bean’s teacher, nurse/secretary, and janitor. 

Well, I’m off to get ready for a night of family fun at the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton.



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