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Quickie Living Room Makeover!


What is a quick way to change the look of any space from bedroom to living room?  PILLOWS!

Like I said in my previous posting (Mod Podge ramblings), I have a need for some more color and style in my living room. I also need to do it on a budget and myself (because I can’t seem to find anything in the store that I like).

The old throw pillows were looking a bit worn and beat up thanks to the hubby and Bean. Two were previously a red duponi silk and two were brown with a large button in the middle on both sides. The family has been so rough on the brown ones that the buttons fell off one by one (an “Not Me” was always the culprit). The silk pillows were coming apart at the zipper. I tell the hubby a million times that these pillows are not for smashing under your head for a nap or under your but while you put on your shoes.

So I recycled the silk for most of the color blocked pillow (on the love seat) and the backs of the new dot pattern pillows. I then made some ADORABLE, if I might say so myself, ruffled pillow covers for my old tattered brown ones. Note to self: learn to use your zipper foot because sewing the pillows into the covers is ANNOYING. I am so not a hand sewer or a horrible whip stitcher. No close up shots there because the stitching looks pretty bad.

I think they turned out better than I expected, especially the ruffled ones. I’ve got my own “special” way to do my ruffles. Honestly, it is so much easier than whipping out the ruffler. I’m going to make a pillow for Baby Bird’s room so I might just show you my trick.

Loving the satin ruffle so much I am going to add it to a shirt and onesie of the girls.   Heck, I love ruffles so much that I am going to ruffle almost as much as I Mod Podge. 

Night Ya’ll

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