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My name’s Kay and I am addicted to sewing skirts.


I hope to be saying this soon.  Currently, I’m just addicted to picking out and making a list of those I want to sew.  Those I’m going to sew.  I suppose that is what I should expect when I have two daughters.

Speaking of daughters, our youngest just had her three-quarters birthday, turning a whopping 9 months old over the weekend.  She is 28.5 inches tall and 20.5 lbs.

Happy Three Quarters Birthday Baby Bird.

Okay.  Back to the skirts.  I seriously had a case of “my mind won’t shut off” last night so I just kept going from blog to blog.  It’s like, “Ooh..I want to make that.”  “I’ve got the perfect fabric for that.”  “I would change this about that.”  To make it easy for myself and my readers, I figured I better make a nice little list for future reference.  I might have to add them to my “To Do List” as well.

Favorite Skirt Tutorials:

  1. Market Skirt:  Dana from Made is ULTRA talented
  2. Twirly Skirt:  Check out the coffee cozy too
  3. Tiered Skirt:  Another creative SAHM
  4. Easy Skirt:  Perfect for a 2-year-old
  5. Dish Towel Skirt:  Where can I find such cute towels?
  6. Bandana Skirt:  And you thought bandana’s were ugly. DONE
  7. Cup Day Skirt:  Love her cushion designs too.
  8. Ruffled Skirt:  I have fabric envy.

Eight is enough huh.  Spring in coming.  Baby Bird will but up and mobile soon, therefore able to be sporting skirts a bit easier.  I am aiming to get one of these skirts done this week because Bean has an audition to be an American Girl model.

I’m biased but I think she’s beautiful; she has a great chance.

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  1. yoginit permalink
    01/20/2010 10:33 am

    I think she is beautiful too, I hope the audition goes well for her, good luck!

    • yoginit permalink
      01/20/2010 10:34 am

      It’s Tiffany by the way, I tried this for one of my blogs, but am sticking with blogspot instead.

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