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5 Minute Recycled T-shirt Friendship Bracelets


Bean has really become increasingly interested in crafting with me.  Of course, crafting with me means less crafting for me and more questions for her.  I’ve really been trying to find some projects that she can do entirely on her own.  She’s been working on pot holders using the old school method of those cotton loops on the plastic square loom.  I know I made a TON of these as a little lady.

But even the pot holder project requires me to step in and help.  I will admit that finishing the edges can be a bit more tricky than I remember.  Never-the-less, I have been determined to find something that would occupy her as much as beading necklaces.

Then it hit me, friendship bracelets.  Friendship bracelets are perfect because she has 2 BFF’s so far this year.  After a bit of trial and error, I discovered the method of using the floss and knots was still a bit too hard for her.  I  finally came up with recycling an old t-shirt of hers and braiding the strips.  They were simple to make; she made 3 in about 15 minutes.  One for her and one for each of her two BFF’s.

5 Minute Recycled T-Shirt Friendship Bracelet:

  • You need a t-shirt or other cotton material, safety pin, and throw pillow
  1. Cut 6 strips of the t-shirt into 0.5 inches x 18 inches.  Line up the strips so that they are aligned.
  2. Fold the pile of strips in half and tie a small, knot at the middle point.  You now have 12 strips that are roughly 9 inches long.  Since they are made from a t-shirt, they stretch.
  3. Pin the tied strips to the throw pillow threw the knot you just tied.
  4. Seperate the strips into 3 piles of 4 strips.  Braid.  Stretch as you braid.
  5. Once you come within about 1-2 inches of the end, tie another knot.
  6. And, now you are done.  Take the bracelet off the safety pin.   Just insert the knot through the loop and you have a sweet, adjustable friendship bracelet.  A girl’s 6x t-shirt made 6 bracelets.

TIPS:  You can use a cotton material, but try ripping the strips as opposed to cutting.  The ripping will make the final product a bit more shabby chic.

Now she wants to braid herself a belt.  Sounds good to me.  Maybe I can get some of my own projects done, like my small list of 8 skirts.

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