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100th Day of School Project


Bean and I have finally finished up her 100th day of school project. If you knew/know Bean and I, it was obviously going to include the color pink and Mod Podge. I obviously helped her fine tune her idea but she really came up with the concept of doing something Valentines related. I did convince her to leave out the lace border. Except for me getting the paper ready for cutting on the Cricut and fixing some Mod Podge blobs, she did everything for the project. It turned out better than I anticipated.

  • We took and 18 x 18 canvas and painted it pink.
  • Using the Cricut, we cut 100 pink and white 2 inch hearts.  Of course, poor planning and an unsticky cutting pad meant I had to go back to the store for more paper

  • After all of the hearts were cut, she glued about 1/3 on the canvas.  Once dry, a coat of Mod Podge was applied.
  • Another 1/3 of hearts were glued to the canvas, starting to overlap them some.  Mod  Podged again.
  • At this point, we started using Mod Podge as the adhesive for the last hearts.   Again, once dry, Mod Podge.  And complete!

It was our first school project to do and we both enjoyed working on a craft together.  It look so nice that she’ll have it to put as art in her room too.  BONUS!


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