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Working on Teacher’s Gifts


I am always looking for a way to tell Bean’s teachers and school staff how awesome they are.  I am also always looking for another reason to dip my brush into some Mod Podge.  For Valentine’s Day, I decided to whip them up some jars full of Hugs & Kisses.

Valentine’s Candy Jar Tutorial

  • you need some fabric, Mod Podge, utility knife, empty jar, sponge brush
  1. Trace a large circle, big enough to fully cover your lid and it’s side
  2. Mod Podge the entire lid and sides.  This process ends up being more than one step because it takes a few coats.  I think you can never use enough Mod Podge and love it when it sort of squirts through the fabric.  I then know it’s not going anywhere.  NOTE:  fabric does move a bit.  Work it with your fingers.
  3. Once dry, put an extra coat on the lid.
  4. Once totally dry, take a straight edge and trim off the extras under the lid.  I typically Mod Podge any loose ends down at this point.
  5. And you are finished.  I am going to add Hugs and Kisses.  I also plan to whip out the Cricut and make some personalized labels for the fronts.

TIPS: Easy and fun project to do with your kids!  You can always embellish with flower, buttons, or ribbons.  I loved my fabric too much to add anything other than a label.

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