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Valentine’s Bird Feeder


We had some snow over the weekend.  Nothing like the Blizzard on the east coast, but we did get about 7 inches of snow.  Baby Bird and myself are fighting off colds as well.  These factors made it one of those weekends we didn’t do anything but you just can’t let your 6.5 year old have free rein of the house.  A quick craft project was in order.

Valentine’s Bird Feeder

  • you need floral wire, popcorn (make it good because we ate half of it during the project), and ribbon
  1. Cut about 1.5 feet of floral wire.  String the popcorn leaving about 1 inch on each end of the wire free of popcorn.
  2. Once strung, bend into either a circle or a heart.
  3. Cut about 1 foot of ribbon, tying in a knot after looping through the wreath.
  4. Hang on a tree.  Voila!  10 (or 20 minute if you are my daughter) bird feeder and cute Charlie Brown tree decor.

Of course, the hubby is worried it will attract bird (i.e. poop on the sidewalk).  Oh well.  They like buttered popcorn.

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