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Valentine’s Day Crafts {over}Done


All I can say is “Phew!”  Another holiday is almost over.  I finally get to relax with the hubby tonight after many hours crafting for Bean, her friends, and her school.  As always, I tend to over do, bite off more than I can chew, or whatever you want to call it.  Would I have it any other way?  Of course not.

My first project was creating a skirt for Bean to wear to school.  I couldn’t send her to school without something special to wear for Valentine’s Day, right?  So she likes the skirt so much and loves her BFF’s that she insists on me making some for her friends.  Sure, why not?

This is one of her BFF’s sporting a skirt.  I did make an “oops” on her skirt and accidentally cut a hole after trimming seams; nothing a cute flower couldn’t fix.  But now the rest of the girls in the class want skirts.  Guess I’m getting practice and ironing out the pattern tweeks before I start selling them.

My little model, Bean, is sporting a new 2-layer skirt pattern.  She’s so skinny that I shirred the waist.  I LOVE how it turned out and pretty good for my first time shirring.  I’m going to have to add a tutorial here soon.

Skirts got finished and the Valentine’s had to be worked on.  Bean is a great helper and cut out all the fabric for the bags to be sewn.  I’d as the hubby but he can’t cut a straight line if his life depended on that.  Don’t think they learned that in Grad school.  Of course, I think he’s faking it so he doesn’t have to help;  do you blame him?

I love how Bean has started to really enjoy more detailed crafts. She did all of the Cricut cutting of her tags, stamped them, and loaded the bags with Hugs & Kisses.  A much better alternative to those store bought Valentine’s anyday…except they didn’t have tatoos, which seemed to be popular this year.

I stayed up until 2 am cooking cupcakes and getting a game ready for school.  Note to self:  buy and additional cupcake tin.  Cooking 3.5 dozen cupcakes with only a half dozen tin takes for ever.  Sure, I could have only made 2 dozen but the hubby requires sweets and I made some as a thank you to a neighbor for plowing our sidewalk.

And last, but not least, you must always use Mod Podge and never forget a teacher.  So I finished up the jars for Bean’s teachers, school secretary, and most popular janitor this side of the Rocky Mountains.

Maybe this is why I’m feeling so under the weather this week.  Here’s hoping I can fully recover before Tuesday!

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