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It’s Flower Friday!


About two months or so ago, I was inside Big Lots looking for cheap picture frames for a craft.  I found a whole end cap of Martha Stewart crafts for $2.00 a piece.  I ended up picking up Black-Eyed Susan Crepe Paper Kit.  It usually sells for $9.97 at Walmart so I thought I might as well give it a go.    Yeah, so 2 months later and I still never pulled even the directions out.  It seems like my crafting “To Do” list in my head is always growing.

Last week I cheated and did not actually get to try out the flower design.  This week I thought that the Black-Eyed craft was a good choice and a possible challenge because I’ve never done a crepe paper project.

Special thanks to Glam Nest for the photo.

The longest part of this project was the preparation.  It took me all of Grey’s Anatomy (on DVR with only some forwarding through commercials) to just cut all of the pieces I needed out.  It wasn’t that there were a ton but some of the cuts were  smaller. 

I think they turned out pretty well for my first go at paper crafting.  I’ve been looking for a pop of yellow in my office or dining room so this will be a great option and I don’t have to worry about picking up petals as they fall off.

And of course, the batteries on my camera died so I can’t put up a photo so you can see my work.  I will try and find my charger so I can get a photo up. 

I’m thinking of giving a go at some more of Martha Stewart’s packaged crafts.  I think you can find them at Walmart and even Michaels.  I haven’t been back to Big Lots since but I wonder if they have anymore of these project packs?


My name’s Kay and I am addicted to sewing skirts.


I hope to be saying this soon.  Currently, I’m just addicted to picking out and making a list of those I want to sew.  Those I’m going to sew.  I suppose that is what I should expect when I have two daughters.

Speaking of daughters, our youngest just had her three-quarters birthday, turning a whopping 9 months old over the weekend.  She is 28.5 inches tall and 20.5 lbs.

Happy Three Quarters Birthday Baby Bird.

Okay.  Back to the skirts.  I seriously had a case of “my mind won’t shut off” last night so I just kept going from blog to blog.  It’s like, “Ooh..I want to make that.”  “I’ve got the perfect fabric for that.”  “I would change this about that.”  To make it easy for myself and my readers, I figured I better make a nice little list for future reference.  I might have to add them to my “To Do List” as well.

Favorite Skirt Tutorials:

  1. Market Skirt:  Dana from Made is ULTRA talented
  2. Twirly Skirt:  Check out the coffee cozy too
  3. Tiered Skirt:  Another creative SAHM
  4. Easy Skirt:  Perfect for a 2-year-old
  5. Dish Towel Skirt:  Where can I find such cute towels?
  6. Bandana Skirt:  And you thought bandana’s were ugly. DONE
  7. Cup Day Skirt:  Love her cushion designs too.
  8. Ruffled Skirt:  I have fabric envy.

Eight is enough huh.  Spring in coming.  Baby Bird will but up and mobile soon, therefore able to be sporting skirts a bit easier.  I am aiming to get one of these skirts done this week because Bean has an audition to be an American Girl model.

I’m biased but I think she’s beautiful; she has a great chance.

Quickie Living Room Makeover!


What is a quick way to change the look of any space from bedroom to living room?  PILLOWS!

Like I said in my previous posting (Mod Podge ramblings), I have a need for some more color and style in my living room. I also need to do it on a budget and myself (because I can’t seem to find anything in the store that I like).

The old throw pillows were looking a bit worn and beat up thanks to the hubby and Bean. Two were previously a red duponi silk and two were brown with a large button in the middle on both sides. The family has been so rough on the brown ones that the buttons fell off one by one (an “Not Me” was always the culprit). The silk pillows were coming apart at the zipper. I tell the hubby a million times that these pillows are not for smashing under your head for a nap or under your but while you put on your shoes.

So I recycled the silk for most of the color blocked pillow (on the love seat) and the backs of the new dot pattern pillows. I then made some ADORABLE, if I might say so myself, ruffled pillow covers for my old tattered brown ones. Note to self: learn to use your zipper foot because sewing the pillows into the covers is ANNOYING. I am so not a hand sewer or a horrible whip stitcher. No close up shots there because the stitching looks pretty bad.

I think they turned out better than I expected, especially the ruffled ones. I’ve got my own “special” way to do my ruffles. Honestly, it is so much easier than whipping out the ruffler. I’m going to make a pillow for Baby Bird’s room so I might just show you my trick.

Loving the satin ruffle so much I am going to add it to a shirt and onesie of the girls.   Heck, I love ruffles so much that I am going to ruffle almost as much as I Mod Podge. 

Night Ya’ll

Mod Podge…a better tool than MacGyver’s duct tape!


I’ve read a many crafting blogs that preach the joys of Mod Podge but I never tried my hand with it.  Call is fear of the unknown.  A month or so ago, there was a bottle by the register of Hobby Lobby just calling my name.  I obliged and made the purchase.  I’ve been Mod Podging everything in sight ever since.

My first projects started in the office.  We finally got the pocket doors in, paint done, and new furniture purchased.  Our shared office was more of a crafting area for me and it seems like a crafter always has more teeny tiny things than anything.  Since our office furniture was more of an open concept, I needed storage that was functional yet looked nice.  So far, I’ve been working with recycled materials I’ve saved for the perfect craft:  Pringle cans, applesauce jars, baby formula powder cans (that I admit I just threw the powder out since they came in the mail from Enfamil and I breastfeed), and spaghetti sauce jars.  I also found use for 2 Hannah Montana shoe boxes of Bean.  I’m far from done with the office but it’s a start.

So if you have an addiction to Mod Podge like I do, you surely can’t just stop there.  From the office, I have headed into the living room.  I was looking for something to put on our ottoman because it was looking a bit boring.  It needed to have some color because I changed out my red drapes because they were making the room a bit dark.  I liked the idea of a tray but that was a little bland as well.  So…add a bit of Mod Podge and some fabric.  Tah Dah.  Instant color and style.  I went a step further by color blocking a coordinating pillow on the love seat.

I might whip up a Mod Podge for Dummies tutorial this weekend because I am using it to make some gifts for Bean’s teacher, nurse/secretary, and janitor. 

Well, I’m off to get ready for a night of family fun at the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton.


It’s Flower Friday!


First of all…I want to say “Hello” and “Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.”  Life had thrown the family a few bumps in the road over the last two months but I think we have hit the peak of the hill.  We are on the way down and enjoying the ride.  I’ve missed blogging and crafting like you would not believe!  Any Who!

We’ve been remodeling our home for the last year and a half but are finally getting to the point that all the rooms (minus the kitchen) are complete.  I’ve put off decorating the walls since our contractors (aka the hubby and the father-in-law) aren’t the most careful of folk.  Since they aren’t trampsing around the house as much, I’ve gotten to work on the decor.  I’m not really into huge floral stuff unless it is simple and sophisticated.  Over the holidays, I ran into a great tuturial that might make a librarian crindge.  It got me excited and thinking where I was going to put it.

WARNING:  not 100% a flower but wreaths are typically floral so it counts for me

I have to say that I’m pretty jealous of those textured walls too!  My walls are a hair darker but I’ve got the perfect wall picked out for it.  Consider this added to my “To Do List.”  Here’s hoping I will get to mark some of those off here soon.

Special thanks to Living With Lindsay for the wonderful tutorial.

Book Page Wreath Tutorial


Recycled Door Headboard Tute Part 1


My home has been an almost constant construction zone since we purchased it a 1.25 years ago.  We bought a brick two-family home with good bones (as my hubby refers to it) but it needed a LOT of work.  Currently, we are working on the last 3 rooms (kitchen, dining room, and office).  The hubby “likes” to keep the extra construction materials we’ve torn out of the house.  I don’t like to let him do it but I have let him keep some of the old, plain jane doors.  He usually uses them to cut baseboards over the saw horses.

I’ve been wanting to recycle the doors for sometime if I could find something cool to do with them.  Sometime on the DIY network, I saw them make a headboard out of two old doors, side by side vertically.  That was a super high headboard, so I changed it up a bit.  In case you want to me your own, here’s how i did it:

Recycled Door Headboard

  • 1-2 doors (depending on the height of your bed), 1 piece of 1x4x8 wood, 1 piece of decorative trim, nail gun (or hammer and nails for you strong armed), mitre saw, husband
  1. Figure out the nicest side of your doors.  My doors were super ugly so I picked the lesser of two evils.  Remember, dings give character (is what I told myself) and we aren’t going for perfect or we’d bought new.
  2. Measure the length of your top edge.  Use measurements or give to hubby to cut trim pieces.  I wanted my trim to go around the side of the door so the hubby took care of those fun mitre cuts too.  Trim 1x4x8 to desired length.  I wanted mine to overhang on the sides about 2.5 inches.
  3. TRICKY PART TO EXPLAIN:  Lay the door with the good side down.  I wanted the top piece of wood to hang off the back as much as it is thick (about an inch)  I used my extra piece of 1x4x8 (on its side) as a guide when I nailed (yes I nailed) the top piece of wood on.  I put nails in every 3-4 inches because the wood was a hair warped.  It’s seriously impossible to find a flat piece of wood.
  4. Flip door over, good side up.  Then we nailed the trim piece onto the door, one side flat on the door and the other, abutting the 1x4x8.  Make sure you let it hang over the edge with your shortest point of your cut on the edge if you mitred it.

  1. Attached your edge (mitred) pieces if you choose to do this step.  I thought it gave for a more finished look.
  2. Dust off the front of the door and the 2nd door before flipping both over, good side down.  Line up and attach pieces of wood to brace and support the headboard.  At first, we only did the 3 small pieces but decided it needed a bit more.  Dust off the back side of the headboard.
  3. I took mine inside the soon-to-be office/sewing/crafting room (with double pocket doors I might add) to put my first coat of paint on it.
  4. To Be Continued.  Off to put my second coat of paint on the front.

I’ll post the finished product, up in our room so you can see that it doesn’t look as crappy as my last photo is…at least I hope so.  The wet paint and the construction going on in the office makes it look pretty crappy…could be the door knob holes as well.  Keep in mind that they are going to be hidden once attached to the frame and the mattress is on.  We’ve got one of those ridiculously tall kings size, pillowtops.

I’m still not sure if I plan on adding a bit of decorative rectangular molding on the top half.  Only if it looks too plain.  We’ll see.  Hope this isn’t too confusing.  I’ve had fun so far.  Good thing I don’t have the nerve to use the mitre saw or I’d be out woodworking with the hubby is at work.  Well see…

We’ve Been Out “Booing” Our Neighbors!


Last year, we were new to the neighborhood.  My daughter was so excited when the door bell rang and she found a package on the front porch.  A mystery package filled with Halloween goodies.  This year, I’m going to start the “Booing” in the area.  Here is what we did to get ready:

 Halloween Boo Bags

  • We filled 4 bags (because she had friends that she couldn’t leave out) with Halloween goodies like: mini Oreos, Smarties, Candy Corn, Tootsie Rolls, and a Halloween cookie cutter.
  • You need some sort of ghost to give to each “Boo-ee.”  We found these Halloween ornaments at Kroger for $2.24 for 5.  They were super cute and it saved my laziness time.
  • Print out a “Boo” poem (see below) to attach to each bag so they know what this random bag on their porch is all about.
  • Assemble and away you go.

Tips:  It’s been raining her for 3 days straight so we put the assembled bags in zip lock freezer bags so they don’t get ruined.  You can also find those adorable Halloween trick or treat buckets at Walmart for $0.94 each.  Skip to My Lou does something where you recycle the bucket and pass it along to another neighbor, which is cool.


Halloween Boo Poem

This treat is for you, we hope you enjoy.  The idea is simple, one we hope you employ.
You pass the “BOO” on to 2 neighbors, along with any kind of Halloween favors.
You have 2 short days to do your spell; keep it a secret and hide it well.
If we all do our part and spread the cheer, by Halloween night it will be very clear.
We’re a friendly bunch and we like to have fun…
…so do your part and keep the “BOO” on the run.

(Post the ghost in your window or on your door so others know you’ve been BOO’d.)


Go out and doorbell ditch.  How often can you do that without irritating people?  See how much fun Bean and I had even though it was raining: